My name is Steve Tuck. I have been a chef for the past 37 years, 19 of those years have been as Head Chef of different hotels,

a private gentleman's club, a very busy country pub and I am currently the head chef at Sevenoaks School. I live and work in Tunbridge Wells, Kent with my beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter.

For all those years I have gained experience in hotel, pub and club kitchens and have been passing that hard earned knowledge onto many chefs, a lot of whom have gone on to become head chefs in their own right.

I have come to that time in my life where working 13 hour days and 50+ hour weeks are not fun anymore. Time to slow down. I now have more time on my hands to share my creations, knowledge and experience, hence the s.tuck in a pickle venture! I hope you will enjoy my produce as much as I enjoy making it.

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